Our Courses

What we do & how we do it?

We provide a unique course for ATaCT (Anti-Terrorism and Crime Training) in the Corporate World.

Working with the SMaRT principle (Safety Measures and Risk Training) our aim is to give our course participants the tools to Identify risk, Avoid Risk or, if unavoidable, Survive Risk.

In order to develop the participants awareness of what may constitute a ‘Fragile or developing situation’ and to hone their ‘Avoid, Escape, Survive’ capabilities we use a combination of classroom and practical scenario based training.

Our classroom based training explores the psychological approach for risk on the spectrum from ‘ignorance is bliss’ (being totally oblivious to potential risk) through to ‘paralysed fear’ (being unable to react once risk is clear and real) and demonstrates to participants the wide variety of risk scenarios they may face in their work and personal roles.

Following our classroom based assessment we then blend some survival techniques for basic first aid and practical self-defence (not Martial Arts), with the objective of improving odds of survival if a situation has escalated. Our goal, once a situation has escalated, is to give the participants tools to deal with the immediate situation and then to seek safety or assistance as appropriate. We are also able to provide training for forensic evidence retention and legal self-protection sprays.

Finally, we carry out a range of customised scenarios with full active engagement of the participants wherein they can apply the classroom based theory in a realistic and ‘direct impact’ environment.

Whilst the scenarios will vary according to client requirements, they will invariably contain some challenging elements for the participants and, our fully trained instructors carry out a ‘post scenario de-briefing’ with ‘re-runs’ or observational learning bringing together the key elements from the experience. Examples of our scenarios range from false checkpoints and ‘official extortion’, bribery and dealing with protestors if our business activity is unpopular, through to more general threats such as a random terrorist attack.