Why Antinomy?

Why is this type of training necessary?

Despite the ever increasing threat to our personal safety we tend to adopt a ‘hope and wait’ approach, perhaps believing that on a scale of probability, we may be lucky in life and that, we as individuals, along with our family, will be able to avoid any criminal or terrorist trauma in our lifetime.

Whilst we may well be fortunate in our private life and able to take a personal judgement on our risk factors it is a clear requirement that, as corporate leaders, we have a much wider responsibility to either identify risks for our operational teams or indeed equip them with the tools to be able to ‘Avoid, Escape, Survive’ risks for themselves.

Antinomy works with Business Leaders to equip both them as individuals, and their leadership teams with tools to identify ‘Fragile or developing situations’ (in whatever format – criminal or terrorist) and to then provide practical tools for marginally changing the scale of probability in our favour with clear tactics and behaviors that may just be the difference between a good outcome and a bad one.

With legislation placing the duty of care on the Employer, we also focus our training on teaching our participants ‘their duty of care to themselves’ and by equipping them with a range of self-protective tools we provide both the Employer and Employee with a resource that can set them apart from their competition and ensure that the team feels valued and able to deliver their objectives more confidently and most importantly ….. Safely.


Antinomy – “Trust your instincts – Trust your Training”.